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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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loose. james logan high school in union city. was locked down for much of the afternoon a police call. kron 4's he on was given. he are on edge all union city police investigated call their received earlier today. houston said james logan high school running with joy this afternoon after reopening debt to 30 after a nearly two-hour lock down pit house audience the police say they received in 911 hang up call informing them of what someone approaching the high school with a weapon. school was on lockdown after the verify the threat. the walls rimmer's among
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the students about the threat being from yet another person just as a clown. >> reporter: speaking union steeply sloping to get more information about this at 6:00 also hear from parents who were out here waiting and worrying for hours.
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>> vicki:kron4's maureen kelly talked to a parent upset about the way this was all handled. >>:today when i got to school they 11 year old max says he's not nation.but the rumors of some of his classmates possibly coming to school armed did have him nervous. if someone did slip a knife in i didn't want to get hurt >> reporter:his mom took him out of school today.but that's not the only thing that max says has him keyed up. the rumors about clowns coming to this novato school today started circulating on monday. max says the principal made an announcement over the intercom thursday. >>:saying if you see any strange things like these clowns, report it to the authorities if they approach you
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>> reporter:he says that was followed later that day by a practice lockdown. max and other students says some kids believed that meant the rumors were true. >>:i felt nervous because my friends were like where can i rent a gun >> reporter:the principal of the school wouldn't talk on camera. a spokesperson for the district confirmed today's weapon's search and the eariler clown related announcment saying it was just precautionary to address the social media hoax. she didn't know about the lockdown.other studens did confirm it happened, but some say that was on a different day this week. max's mom doesn't like the way this whole thing was handled.especially because they weren't given any notice that the weapons search was happening. i feel really frustrated right now i was coming to the school to get some answers. she ended walking out with a copy of letter that students took home to their parents today. standup the letter does address today's weapons search which they say was done to ensure the safety and security of the students and staff. the principal also stresses there has been no threats made to this school. maureen kelly kron4 news
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now to another big story we are following tonight. hurricane matthew has weakened *slightly as it pounds florida and crawls north along the atlantic coast. you are looking at video. of some of the damage caused by the massive storm. you can see the strong winds have ripped roofs off of homes. knocked down trees and power lines. on the top right of your screen. you can see the flooding in daytona beach. there's also flooding in west palm beach. you can see that on the bottom right of your screen.
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one million people are without power in florida. and authorities are now saying two people have died in the u-s because of this storm. which has already claimed the lives of hundreds of people in the caribbean. as the storm makes its way from florida to the carolinas, officials are warning people to get to safety. from our sister station w-r-i-c meteoroligst matthew mcclellan joins us live from charleston. where people there are preparing for the storm. one million people are without power in florida. and authorities are now saying two people have died in the u-s because of this storm. which has already claimed the lives of hundreds of people in the caribbean. as the storm makes its way from florida to the carolinas, officials are warning people to get to safety. dianne gallagher is in jacksonville, florida with the very latest. >> reporter: and would hurry up and move on to. south carolina gov. today warning people if they do not affect the way and get and amassed its stock first responders will not have to respond they will not be able to in these conditions the talked to police their will come a time overnight as the hurricane makes its way through the will longer be on patrol.
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>> reporter: having built up for their own safety people just like we are in the storm is going be pummeling south carolina for some time and giving how slowly is moving in a flash flood warning and a greater charleston area, until 145 eastern time. >> grant:a live look right now along the >> britteny: into the next few days we still expect to see floating rates also a strong storm surge this is what it looks like on a radar shot you
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can see all the rain bands that continue to turn around this hurricane. stays in effect for the next couple hours. up in south carolina and whiting out the picture some parts under hurricane warning including jacksonville right there the entire area highlighted that still a hurricane warning and is the category 2 hurricane sustained at 110 mi. an hour and so this will continue until the category two. we watch as it slowly goes back to the bahamas and then it continues to work its way up the eastern seaboard
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for 15 on saturday a heavy rainfall coming down and then coming down working its way to parts of philadelphia even three york and notice the brunt of the systems lowliest start to shift offshore operate with that. closer look at our weather here at home into the rest of fleet week. >> grant:stick with kron four for continuing coverage of hurricane matthew. you can also check our website for updates on the storm anytime. and make sure you have the kron four mobile app so you can get breaking news alerts on the hurricane. >> vicki:well, fleet week is in full swing. dozens of planes took to the sky over san francisco bay this afternoon for the annual airshow. yeah, the blue angels also helped kick off what will be a full weekend of fleet week activities. >> grant:kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight at ft. mason in san francisco. chuck, deja vu, how's it going out there? >> reporter: at 9 this
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assignment and is this just a beautiful day right now for maces center a great spot on the hill over the day and watching the air show this afternoon will get video from the air show that began around noon the team oracle biplane scene right there flying and the jets team was here. they perform for our as the delight of thousands of people here in the marina family barbecue people cleanout and folks everyone seemed to have a good time. one notable absence
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usually flies to the blue angels not here and snappy here and if you're unable to catch to a fair show doubt worried there are repeat performances saturday sunday noon to vote for. another highlight of fleet week is seeing the military ships sail into the bay. them. it actually arrived in san francisco wednesday. so we left the pier 15 where it's docket.sailed out of the bay about five miles into the pacific.and got in line with the other ships.the american ships.including the u-s-s san diego. then.just before noon.we sailed under the golden gate. officers.manning the rails.a tradition heading into port. they're the only canadian naval service members to wear cowboy
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hats.which are given to the sailors from the city of reflect the rancing flavor in that part fo canada. for the man in charge. taking in these views is pretty impressive.especially in real life. (glo) parade of ships-sotvo v-i-p groups were given tours of the ship.which has sophisticated submarine destroying capabilities. we'll take you on that about 15 minutes. this weekend people can tour the of charge. we've posted the times and locations on our website. while i was on deck. my colleague steve aveson was getting ready to hit skies. his flight with the breitling jet team. the largest professional civilian aerobatics team. is coming up at six.
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kron four is your fleet week station. you don't have to be on the san francisco waterfront to catch the spectacular show.
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you can watch it right here on kron four. join us for 'blue angels live'. our coverage begins at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. there will be an encore airing of the show. on sunday night from seven to eight. still ahead. justice for mario woods. protesters march to the steps of san francisco's hall of justice. demanding charges be brought against the officers involved in the shooting death of mario woods. a live report coming up. and later. we have an update on the nation's oldest park ranger. who was violently beaten in her richmond home earlier this year. how congress. is now honoring her. and. a bicyclist killed in san jose. after he's hit by a drunk driver. details- coming up after the break.
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a busy downtown street was the scene of a fatal crash involving a pick-up and a bicyclist last night in san jose. and now, as kron four's rob >> reporter: this goes well beyond frustration they cannot understand what is taking so long in the investigation whether not to charge an officer are not. at that rally hall of justice grieving mother of mario woods called on san francisco district attorney to charge the police officers who shot and killed her son last december. when woods was joined by alex a
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cousin of louise's ball shot and killed by police all seeking justice. members of the group entered the hall of justice to speak with the d.a. directly and find out why the investigation is taking so long. the group was told that this attorney it was not in his office and they heard from his communications director. that answer was not
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going to satisfy mario was his mother. the d.a.'s office as an active and the timeline and these investigations would be completed they will continue to push for justice and a meeting with the dea. >> vicki: the downtown street casino failed crash involving a pickup truck and bicycle list last night in san jose as robber poured saliva from the scene the driver of the truck was drunk. sot norton buff/witnessed crash >> reporter: they have long complained about speeding at all of and to make trucks the fatal accident that occurred right
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here last night and been blamed on drunk driving. here's more the drug >>: ebert norton buff was riding his bike here on auzerais avenue about when he saw a westbound pick-up hit another cyclist who had stopped to chat with someone in a parked car. sot norton buff/witnessed crash the driver of the pick-up, 26- year-old taylor hildreth, has been charged with driving under the influence. sot sgt. enrique garcia/san jose police marked now with orange investigation paint, there is a clearly marked bike lane here, but several bicyclists, un nerved by what happened, have taken to riding on the sidewalk.
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sot jesus castro/bicyclist overall, traffic fatalities are down in san jose this year, just 34 versus 60 in all of last year. but there have now been five fatalities involving bicycles versus five for all of 2015. sot enrique garcia/san jose police sot norton buff/witnessed crash in the east bay. hayward police are looking for the person who shot and killed a teenager 2 nights ago. it was around 11:30 pm on wednesday night. on 'b' street. off of 7th street. when officers arrived on the scene. they found 19-year-old marcos villanueva from stockton suffering from a gunshot wound. police say he died at the scene.
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>> vicki: the blue angels were in the blue yonder earlier stay. brittany what will look like tomorrow? >> britteny: at the airshow 84 degrees from the base 74 comfortable by the coast and then temperature's dropped down a little bit by the bay and the toes warm red backdrop) inland locations. and the warming trend will continue right all week and then a change from this time yesterday half moon bay and 13 degrees and san francisco six
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and half by five and seven in oakland. a low 80s and san jose comfortable center fell 84 nevada out and then spit the bit calmer than yesterday still breezy in san francisco state at 60 m.p.h. and then 13 in oakland. and the rest of tonight preconditions continuing mild conditions for inland locations by 6:00 and clear skies end sunset temperatures drop down low '70's closer to or inland locations and that are on the way for most of the evening shopping in the low '70's. 97 rose about warm and napa 89 and concord mid-90s and any act.
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coming up which i address the weekend and what's in store and 10 minutes. donald trump finding himself in the hotseat tonight. conversation. reveals trump groping women. details ahead. and. fleet week--- in full throttle. a tour of the h-m-c-s calgary. coming up next. it's a canadian an american parade. don't worry about it.
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>> grant: the two countries' trade work together all the time this week the calgary it is docked in san francisco for the festivities. a war military relationship and the men women on board more than invited. tours of these ships are part of fleet week. and during the parade friday. v- i-p civilian groups saw the inner workings. civilian describing tour you have the damage control room for fire response. machinery control where they see what's what and where.
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the sick bay.don't wanna end up there. the bridge, where they navigate and drive the ship. and of course the decks.where the crew 'mans the rails' when sailing into old tradition that is looks especially awesome because of the cowboy hats. those beauties.are given to members of the h--m-c-s calgary by.the city of calgary. to reflect that yee haw part of canadian culture. this ship.unlike most specialized american a swiss army knife of can do it all.go to the middle east.go anywhere. take out a submarine. or enemy aircraft.
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stop drug smugglers.or actual pirates. and this weekend, you can come tour the ship.and meet these welcoming members of the royal canadian navy. i love their accents. these accents.and accessability.accentuating what fleet week.and military partnerships.are all about. if you want to see more of our coverage of fleet week. you can go t our website. we've posted all of our stories. a full schedule of events. and if you can't make it to san francisco for the show tomorrow. you can watch here on kron 4. live at 2pm. nat waves crash into a beachfront home in jacksonville. florida "we are very concerned about storm surge." high winds pushing up to nine feet of water ashore. nat gov. rick scott / florida: "we're very focused on jacksonville and there's potential for significant flooding there." at a hotel in st. augustine, people who tried to ride out the storm found themselves cut off by the rising water. did you call for help? yes. the mayor says, too late. at this point in time, none of our first responders are going out in the storm. these images show why. nat montage here's where the strongest winds are forecast for the next 12 hours. "those of you who live in georgia, i think should be paying attention because there's been a lot of emphasis on florida but this thing is going to keep on moving north through florida into south carolina. there are large population centers there that could be vulnerable." tonight savannah, georgia is a ghost town, charleston's historic waterfront buildings are boarded up.
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>> vicki: all theory of nature's night hurricane matthew week and to two category two and a packing a big plunge in south carolina. it's moving slowly and we're being brought up today on the storm trail of destruction.
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>> catherine: more than a million homes and businesses tonight without power and florida east coast taking a beating. gov. are like, . >>: concerned ought storm surge. >> catherine: winds up to 9 ft. of water ashore. and a hotel in st. augustine people try reckless storm ponselle's cut off by rising water. the mayor says it's too late. >>: never first responders are going out in this storm. these images show why. here's where the strongest when their
5:33 pm
forecast for the next 12 hours. savannah georgia as a ghost town. charleston the historic waterfront buildings are boarded up officials say most people on the south carolina coast have failed to keep heat the warnings to the high ground. pitt for deaths in florida being blamed on matthew and a woman killed luxury when the tree fell on a camper other woman died when a tree crashed onto her home your member 300 people died as matthew passed through there.
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but >> grant: wednesday to tell really whipping along. brittany is tracking the storm for us what is going on? >> britteny: and the so category to into our over $9 you can see all the rain that will continue to work its way up to the carolinas even in two parts of rolling 10 we watch and said delaware and parts of pennsylvania and even into york into the weekend. heavy rain storm surge is a concern major flooding for florida parts of the georgia coast and then the carolinas over the next couple days off a lot of rain falls slowly see expect temperatures
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in 84 degrees 80. seven livermore 86 and not view. itt san jose coming up the ticket closer look into the rest of your work weekend. and on but 10 weekend. >> grant:the chicago police department has proposed a new policy that would require officers to use the least amount of force necessary. leaders with the department
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announced today that the policy will undergo 45 days of public comment. officials call it a step toward improvement in transparency. the proposal also requires officers to offer medical aid to those injured in use-of-force incidents. officers will be expected to intervene if they see another officer violating department policy. under the new rules- deadly force could only be used to prevent immediate threat of death or great bodily harm. the proposal comes as the u.s. department of justice investigates chicago police after an officer fatally shot a black teenager 16 times in 2014. rail service at a new jersey train station will resume next week following a deadly train crash. new jersey transit says a portion of the hoboken terminal will reopen monday morning. investigators say the train was traveling twice the speed limit when it crashed into the station. the crash killed a woman on the platform and injured more than 100 people. the damaged train wasn't removed until yesterday. it was towed away to undergo further examination. the dow >> vicki: dropped 12 and the nasdaq lost 12 points.
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the dow >> vicki: dropped 12 and the nasdaq lost 12 points.
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if the >> grant: been under wraps might realize we love fleet week. we have been introducing you to airshow performances and i still cannot
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believe part need it the blue angels. hit and the patriotsand tonight. kron four's will tran catches up with the pilot behind the wheel of the lucas oil stunt plane. he shows us how this plane. has the ability to do tricks most other trick planes can not. >> will: acrobatic planes owned by lucas and the pilot is might tell us what you do that little bit different than the blue angels. we fly progressive airplane does a lot of quintiles can't do atkins stop hover tumble and over and i get down in the water 7 to 10 ft. off upside-down fly small-lot tumble over and and it's very aggressive flight. the hall that
5:41 pm
weighs a little bit too much even though it and get down to 55 ounces when you holes and attendees five to seven-causal lot of strain on your neck and and up with a pretty sore neck after a couple flights. how many g's ducal and can pull. we pull out the seventh kenji is dependent on the maneuver that's a positive can send it 10 times to wait and then rolled upside down its five g's negative. five times your weight pushing it out of their planned. on the negative side tries to shut you out so hard that you get marks
5:42 pm
on your legs and go away by there for a little bit. and keep it tuned to kron four for fleet week coverage all weekend long. you can watch our special "blue angels live" show right here on kron four tomorrow. from two to four p-m. there's a special encore presentation sunday at seven p- m. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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>> pam: the disparaging remarks that trump made about women or on a bus and then the back in 2005 in the conversation used derogatory words objectifies women and also talked about how he tried to seduce a married woman.
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>>: the number of life and your years and in betty's casey's done both. >> reporter: assists one of many awards a lifetime. this is him last winner pete receiving a special point from the president and it was stolen during a home invasion replaced richard police have yet to arrest the thief broke into her palm she says that the overwhelming receiving such attention but says she now does so on behalf of her family and
5:49 pm
their service especially her great-grandmother. and they still work in richmond. impresses these women and work ethic. after the ceremony they went back for care and she says that she still had a lot of work to do. >> vicki: blue angels
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>> britteny: this contractor is to the north of high pressure expected to stay in control. we want to take a closer look at the beach hazards for sunday and to monday. and then heading out and read greens and the air show. . and a little cooler lots of sunshine when speech is expected tomorrow and lots of sunshine by 9:00 a.m.. close it sees the coast and then pushing back in the '90s toward the afternoon. and back in san francisco 80 once again and then san carlos airport. 83 and 91
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ayesha curry was at levi's alongside michael mina. cooking up some of her favorites from her new cookbook. >> vicki:what fan doesn't love tailgating? then there's taking parking lot cuisine to a whole new level. ayesha curry at levi's up some of her family favorites - alongside michael mina and his over-tyhe- top tailgate. dishes like her dad's meatloaf. and coconut thai chilli. fans at tailgate- had a chance to sample dishes she cooks for steph and the kids. ayesha's new cookbook - a seasoned life - a little something she cooked up in her spare time.
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that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. steve aveson and pam moore are here with kron 4 news at six. >>:.a story developing in just
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the last hour. police have tracked down the person who was believed behind that scare at a east bay high school, that forced the school into lockdown this afternoon. our reporter is standing by to tell us about an arrest. and then i'll tell you about the high flying team that turned my life upside down. the civilian aerobatic team that is a featured act at fleet week. the news continues. next on kron 4 news at six. what a display today for fleet week. an air and a water show. on the left. the spectacular parade of ships on san francisco bay.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: to the school lockdown or they have a middle person in custody and parents rushed to the school after mccall that no parent wants to get. every time they were thinking.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: as far as the rumor that is going around among students about clowns it looks like it may just be a rumor the union city please tell me that is not something they're looking into. >> pam:on the right. the one and
6:02 pm
only 'blue angels'. soaring through the skies. good evening. i'm pam moore. and i'm steve aveson. this is all building up to the big weekend here in the bay area. tens of thousands of people will be in town to checkout the air show and the ships for fleet week. >> steve:here is a little more of the parade of ships from earlier today. this comes from our helicopter partners at a-b-c 7. this is one of the highlights of fleet week. you of course can check them out. they will be docked through the weekend and open to tours.
6:03 pm
from the bay to the skies, the festivities continued this afternoon with the first performance of this year's full fleet week airshow. dozens of planes, military and civilian, performed over san francisco bay. and as always the blue angels were the main attraction. kron 4's charles clifford is live tonight at fort mason in san francisco. charles. perfect day for an airshow? we have a special section on the kron 4 website. with the full schedule of fleet week events. you will find videos of our own team. flying with the blue angels. going on some of the ships and getting scoop from other stunt teams. and you can watch the blue angels live. right here on kron four. our special 'blue angels live' show. airs tomorrow afternoon starting at 2 o'clock. >> reporter: a plan that will not be here having some meat and fish is to miss today's show there will be a repeat
6:04 pm
performance from newt's some still for >> steve: there is a new team performing in the skies over san francisco this year the ryeland seen from france is the only professional non-military aerobatic team today they invited me to fly long. >> steve: play of the week every year is there a better presentation from performance teams are on the world. this year's first time they did the jets team from france. and they've done a sneak peak this week during their practice runs over the city and pilot george from france san francisco is special. the team that is fully
6:05 pm
professional crew with one single purpose in mind. coming up a club board. >> steve: they have another goal that is to touch little kid instead of every spectator on the bay and certainly did that for this little kid today. in a special section on our website full schedule of events of videos of our own team flying with the blue angels and also to get some scoop on the ships sailing around the bay at a intense night more the brightly and float flight on on diablo.
6:06 pm
>> britteny: it will you be a great weekend as we go into sunday afternoon. hour by hour let's show you exactly what to expect. etching it live on saturday mostly sunny by the bay 84 then sunday dropping down a little cooler 79 for the coast 74 dropping down into the high 60s as we go into sunday in the feature cast planning and watching it knew the marina green. as we go through moseley's saturday clear conditions. and that 80 degrees
6:07 pm
in san francisco coming up we are tracking even on a chance of showers by next week and we have that for you in the 70 forecast another 10 minutes. . >> pam:breaking news. marine kelly reports that the extra security step taken for what and searches a rumor circulating children are arming themselves in response to an unsubstantiated threat. >> reporter: news here at san jose middle school had been pretty shaken up by wild rumors of cree clowns showing up here at this school today and they tell me earlier this week and
6:08 pm
announced that over the intercom telling kids to alert authorities if they should see someone just as a clown. and also lockdown drill after that apparently made some more nervous. and more rumors about kids being weapons to school to arm themselves in case a cloud did show what that prompted the school to search kids bags.
6:09 pm
>> reporter: came back to get answers about why they were not notified in advance about this weapon search she was given a copy of this letter that went home with kids today it talks about rumors and weapons search that the principle rights was just precautionary and also emphasizes that there have been no threats made to the school. >> steve: anyone think about during a parade of their own fremont police here's what it says social media postings about of person are schools to consider criminal threat punishable by law could result in disciplinary action from the child's school. >> steve: assess fully and a key
6:10 pm
and knife. the supporters renew earth of the excess for. kron 4's dan kerman is live at the hall of justice with details. dan >> reporter: this was a real mix of anger frustration yet determination to keep pushing for what this group believes is justice. family members supporters of those shot and killed by the police pindolol justice friday seeking justice and want to know why the district attorney has it filed charges against any police officers. and they are working
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
for what they think is justice and working with the da. >> steve:a big story we are watch tonight is powerful huirricane matthew. the storm is blasting its way up the florida coast. where it is expected to hit next. nat of trump tape a scathing tape of donald trump talking about women comes out. we'll have more of the tape as well as the firestorm it is creating. and a horrific crash in the south bay leaves a biker dead. what a witness saw right before * *
6:13 pm
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>> steve:san jose police have charged a man with drunk driving in connection with a traffic collision thursday night that claimed the life of a bicyclist. * * * this is the booking photo of 26- year-old taylor hildreth, of san jose. he is charged with felony driving under the influence. police say hildreth was behind the wheel of a pick-up truck that was westbound on auzarais avenue about 9:30 last night. investigators say hildreth lost control and hit a parked car before striking the man on the bicycle, who by all accounts, was in the bike lane. kron four spoke with another bicyclist, who witnessed what happened. un-nerved by what happened, mr. buff and several other bicyclists have taken to riding on the sidewalks here, saying there are too many trucks and distracted drivers. the accident marks the 5th fatal
6:16 pm
crash involving a bicyclist so far this year in san jose, compared with five for all of last year. a bicyclist who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in hayward has been identified. 26-year-old jose hernandez of hayward was found lying near his bicycle on the side of the on- ramp to interstate highway 880 from tennyson road. it happened wednesday morning. police are now looking for the driver who killed him. officers say debris from a maroon vehicle was found at the scene. they are still working to determine if the debris is connected to the accident. an l-g-b-t community center is the target of a hate crime in an east bay city. anti- gay graffit was found written on the property during an investigation of another crime there. the executive director of the center tells
6:17 pm
6:18 pm
kron4's haaziq madyun. the l-g- b-t community center is under attack >>:"graffiti that was left making fun of the lgbt community left outside of the building, it's kind of like this escalating battle with them where they just keep coming back and trying to figure out how to break through" >> reporter:it happened earlier this week here at the rainbow community center in concord, a burglar breaks-in and steals computer equipment. the executive director of the center, ben-david barr, says this wasn't the first time "we have had a serious of break- ins and other attacks in the last couple of weeks" in fact the rainbow community center has been burgalrized 4 times in the last 10-days. the most recent incident the burglar left hatefilled graffiti targeting the people here "you know hate speech is something our community is sadly accustomed to, it happens, shame and stigma around sexuality and gender identity but we've done a good job of building a sanctuary here" a sanctuary that has been providing services for the lgbt community in contra costa county for the past 20-years "we have programs for youths for seniors for people with hiv"
6:19 pm
concord police say this recent break-in is more than a simple burglary "yes! it's being investigated as a hate crime, we're looking a surveillance video in the area, this is something that's a priority to us so we are going to investigate this" in the meantime barr says he has no idea who is targeting the center "more than anything we just need this to stop, we need to make sure people feel safe coming to
6:20 pm
the center and that our employees feel safe being here" in concord haaziq madyun kron4news >> grant:the big story we are watching along the southeast coastline. is hurricane matthew. you can see in this video. the storm lashing the coast of florida in daytona beach and atlantic beach. it is still powerful. and is now tracking north with charleston, south carolina in its sights. the steady march of hurricane matthew continues. with millions of people in its path. it has spared some of the most heavily populated stretches of shoreline. but has caused extensive damage. catherine heenan is here now with the latest. >> catherine:hurricane matthew has lost a bit of its power.but it's still a very dangerous category 2 storm. it's moving slowly up the atlantic coast with destructive winds and storm surges. it's now being blamed for four deaths in florida.and has knocked out power for a million people there. aside from georgia and south carolina.the storm could also scrape the north carolina coast. there's serious flooding in many places - with more to come. and huge numbers of people are still on the run. an example -- about 500-thousand people were told the evacuate the jacksonville florida area. another half million were under orders to clear out in georgia. matthew will continue to be a crushing problem through the weekend and beyond. this is a house in st. augustine florida.where there were reportedly lots of children inside.
6:21 pm
despite everything.some people are still not listening to the orders to evacuate. some areas, including flagler county, florida are now under curfew at night. as for the four deaths being reported.they include a woman in florida who was killed when a tree fell on her camper. and another women who died when a tree fell on a house. warming into saturday.cooler sunday >> britteny: we're still dealing with storm surge flooding rain and also what it will continue
6:22 pm
to work its way of the eastern seaboard we know what hurricane warnings in effect a closer look at the rainfall associated heavy rain expected to pass on the carolinas continuing to work its way is to the north before it starts to turn out to sea and taken it see it already brings rain and parts of delaware even into a new jersey and portions of new york before again it turns away. major flooding expected a strong storm surge ala carolina, georgia coast here at home into tonight into the rest of this evening clear skies preconditions' this week and even warmer temperatures into saturday and sunday in nine spots an hour sunday we start with the temperature is dropping along the bay and close. we have a beach has hurdler and sunday monday we have water because of temperatures starts to warm up next week a gradual cooling trend plus possible showers expected. temperatures right now at 80 degrees
6:23 pm
fairfield vallejo and eight in center fell six to seven san francisco 24 ers had a change that shows there's a middle a warming trend today the end of this evening warmer than it yesterday and we did see a few thin clouds moved in high- pressure still in control and all this rain and thick clouds will stay to the north of us and instead we have all beach has thrillers sunday monday for a stronger recurrence if you find yourself and a recurrent we start to swim parallel to a short period. and heading out so the star fleet week in marina green a saturday-78 on sunday 72-region pushing into tomorrow 80 degrees and francisco 78 and the mission district 74 is pacifica and seeing a change in the '80s for the peninsula back to 84 degrees for san mateo 91 in napa fairfield 91 degrees and convert low 90s and manioc and 90 degrees in san ramon. 80 in union city temperatures in
6:24 pm
hayward at 86 degrees 89 in san jose and your 70 forecast shows warmer and to a week and a cooler for the chance of showers and the next week. >> steve:coming up. stunning and vulgar. audio and video just released, where presidential candidate donald trump is heard making offensive comments, bragging about women. his response and the political fallout ahead. and next, new national honors for the woman who is america's oldest park ranger and she's right here in the bay area. betty soskin - the oldest national park ranger in the country who works in the east bay - is making headlines again.
6:25 pm
tobacco companies knew that smoking kills. and they lied about it for decades. now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids.
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every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
6:27 pm
>> pam:you may remember, 95 year old soskin. we first brought you her story back in june, when she was attacked during a home invasion. betty soskin has since recovered, and today, this video shows her receiving what is called a 'congressional record of statement' friday. it is an honor recognizing her courage and determination throughout her life. in world war 2, soskin was a file clerk for the boilermarkers union. since then she moved through the ranks of the park service. she survived a violent home invasion this past summer. soskin says, she is grateful for today's recognization and
6:28 pm
says, she continues to work hard in honor of her late, great grandmother. sot/tc: betty soskin/ i am thankful. she was a slave. the statement will now be placed in the library of congress. east bay congressman mark desauliner read the statement on the house floor. he made todays presentation at the rosie the riveter museum in richmond. an old audio recording is creating huge political buzz tonight.
6:29 pm
it overshadows the news that hillary clinton and donald trump will face off in another presidential debate this sunday. this time the event will be a town hall style debate - at washington university in st. louis. something that's sure to come up. audio of trump from more than a decade ago -- that surfaced late today.
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
all of this with the global warming and the - a lot of it's a hoax. it's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> reporter: from the principal went home with kids today does address the weapons search and the security of the students and staff. the principle also stresses in the slaughter there has been no threats made to the school.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: mother of mario woods was torn by the cousin of louise and the mother of foster grant. the want to know why this is attorney has not filed charges against any san francisco police officers for using excessive force. the district for his office says that the investigation is still ongoing. the protests >> reporter: said
6:34 pm
it will continue to push for justice and immediately with the dea. . >> reporter: the first of the fleet week airshows and off today the upright wing it jet team and the biplane blue angels who flew between three and 4:00 this afternoon of a beautiful day in san francisco no fog clear sky here before mason center hundreds of people in the marina at georgia just a great show additional air shows on saturday and sunday.
6:35 pm
>> britteny: to a bancos 84 and then the coast 73 into sunday lots of sunshine around 1:00 we're attracting a few thin clouds moving on through close to the a and coast temperatures will drop a few degrees to the water on sunday it. temperatures at 80 degrees of fairfield 80 livermore 82 san jose 82 half moon bay 66 degrees in san francisco a beautiful evening and then a walk and the golden gate bridge we see all the folks enjoying a beautiful sunset that takes place 77 by 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 73 and then mostly the area will be in the '60s by 10 anheuser adoration to route 97 rose at 98 and stinson beach 80 san francisco 74 pacifica 84 in
6:36 pm
san mateo 86 and on view 91 degrees in san jose. another look is 70 forecast at the end of the show. >> pam: this time the fed will be a town hall style debate at washington university in st. louis. making >> catherine: a rare apology donald trump is making a rare apology.saying that sexually crass comments caught on a microphone were "locker room banter" - and "private. but adds that he's sorry if he offended anyone. he's talking about a video from 2005.released by the washington post today.
6:37 pm
in can hear trump talking with billy bush of "access hollywood." they apparently didn't realize there was an open mike..recording them. we've removed some of the more graphic language. but here's part of that video. trump used a graphic term to describe a woman's body. tonight, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is responding to the video. saying on twitter "this is horrific. we cannot allow this man to become president."
6:38 pm
criticism continues to come in tonight from both democrats and republicans. steve? u-s officials are accusing russia of hacking political sites. saying they are trying to interfere with the upcoming eleciton. both the director of national intelligance and department of homeland security have released a statement it says based on the hacking efforts.only russia's "senior- most officials" could have authorized these activities. the obama administration is now being asked to call out russia on the hacking of political of those being the democratic national committee. the u.s. also says russia has continued to commit war crimes in syria, where recent airstrikes have killed civilians and struck hospitals. i put video in the today folder
6:39 pm
one vote that will likely not get tampered with. is president obama's. he fulfilled his civic duty today. casting his ballot early in his hometown of chicago. the president will be there through the weekend. where he is expected to campaign for several candidates. san jose just landed a major soccer championship. the event that's coming to town this year and how this move is tied to north carolina's controversial bathroom law. the bay area is benefitting tonight. from north carolina's controversial restroom law. the n-c-a-a has awarded san jose the women's soccer championship after announcing it was moving events out of the state last month. events out of the state last month. year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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6:42 pm
the games will be played at avaya stadium. which is the home of the san jose earthquakes. they are scheduled for december 2nd and 4th.
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
>> reporter: with three championship since 2010 pressure is an it. let's give you an early update from wrigley-- in the american lead-- the bay area's best friend lebron james.checking out indians-red sox. --boston spent a lot of money for david price.and it's not paying off today. cleveland rocked him for four runs in the second.headlined by a three-run shot from lonnie chisenhall. --and the indians pitching.stellar as corey kluber tossed 7-shutout innings. tribe wins 6-nothing to go up 2-oh.and just like that, the sox are on the brink of elimination. in texas-- yu darvish trying to vanquish yesterday's blowout.against toronto. --but the blue jay bats.still red hot. jays jumped out him early and
6:47 pm
often.teeing off on him for four home runs, including three in the 5th. toronto took a 5-run lead. rangers couldn't capitalize on a chance to tie in the 9th. 5-3 your final.and canada's team in one win away from the alcs. game 3 sunday in toronto. turning to the 49ers, in the middle of last night's game, some fans made their opinions chants of 'we want kaep' erupted from the stands. well, that sect of niner faithful may get what it there is some indication today that a quarterback change is being considered. according to a report from nfl network, the team.and kaepernick are trying to restructure his contract. the way his current deal is structured is he is guaranteed 14-point-5 million dollars next season. if he sustains a signifcant injury. a proposed new deal would erase that guarantee.and make him a free agent at the end of this year. reports suggest that the removal of the injury clause.may soon get him back on the field. the calls for a switch are only growing blaine gabbert turned in an underwhelming performance in a loss to the cardinals. chip kelly.says everyone on offense is on notice.and for the first time, he is not giving a definitive endorsement for gabbert. the raiders.don't have to worry about their quarterback situation. derek carr.ranks among the top passers in the league and this sunday, he's looking to guide the silver and black to a 3rd- straight win. jack del rio's club.finally back in the bay area after back-to- back road trips. and oddly, the raiders have been perfect away from oakland.and their only loss of the year came at the coliseum.
6:48 pm
raiders have been an offensive they rank in the top 10 in yards and points per game.
6:49 pm
it's the defense.that has had some trouble as it allows an average of 460-yards. they're aiming to put together a complete performance in divisional opener against the struggling chargers. expect wine country to be more crowded than usual next week because a tiger will be roaming
6:50 pm
free. after months of speculation, tiger woods. is back on the pga tour and has officially committed to play in the safeway open at silverado resort. it's his first tournament in more than a year. after missing significant time recovering from back surgery. phil mickelson will also be in the field. first round is thursday. but the pro-am-- featuring steph curry and andr iguodala is on wednesday. america's olympic athletes will no longer pay a so-called "victory tax" under a bill president barack obama has signed into law. the i-r-s will now have to stop taxing medals and other prizes awarded to u.s. olympians. the u.s. olympic committee awards cash prizes to medalists, ranging from 25- thousand dollars for gold. to 10- thousand dollars for bronze. the money has been considered earned income- making it subject to what some lawmakers have called the "victory tax." the measure would however, permit taxes on high -profile olympians, such as multiple gold medal-winning swimmer michael phelps.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> gabe: set up at the marina green which tie all about it coming up on news that eight.
6:55 pm
>> steve: >> pam: irs office stop taxing metals and other prizes awarded to olympians u.s. olympic committee id ranging from 25,000 gold the $10,000 for bronze. money has been considered earned income making what they called victor tax that however is going to end.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tobacco companies knew that smoking kills. and they lied about it for decades. now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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"the insider," tracking the biggest stories making news today. number one, inside the kardashian' media blackout. is it costing them a fortune. >> kim kardashian needs to think about what's next. >> how this could affect their celeb-nomics in the future as we go into our vault to revisit kim's early days. >> do you ever fear for your life? >> not yet. then sarah jessica parker's celeb house confession. >> what was it like to passionately kiss jfk jr. and number three, the controversial birth of a nation comes to theaters. but the director's pa ape rape accusation is dominating the headlines. >> i went to court and sat in trial. >> will the bad press keep audiences away.
7:00 pm
>> it's about justice for all people. plus your insider bonus. >> it turns out that you are in the first zombie musical. >> what? >> olivia newton john gives us her take on the viral "grease" fan theory that sandy was dead. >> i don't know. i never thought about it until now. now, the insider, tracking hollywood from the inside out. >> hello, everybody. welcome to the insider. we are tracking the biggest stories in hollywood today. >> we are kicking it off with the number one story everyone is talking about. >> keeping up with the kardashian on hold, indefinitely, following kim's terrorist attack. how will this affect the family's brand and bank in the long run? tonight we go inside kardashian celeb-nomics. >> how are you, kim? how are you? >> the kardashian at a crossroads, and their financial empire on the line. for the first time in nine years, the family's reality show


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